We are focused on becoming an industry-leading cold storage public warehouse developer and operator offering: (i) best-in-class customer service and support, (ii) cutting-edge technology, and (iii) clean and modern facilities to ensure both efficiency, health and safety across our operations for all goods that we handle.

Blackline About

With the recent changes to USDA import restrictions for perishable goods, strong growth in food sales, a growing trend of online grocery shopping, and an insufficient and aging stock of food storage facilities, Blackline is developing several multi-phase rail-served, state-of-the-art cold storage facilities within the US to support our customers growth and supply chain optimization goals.

Blackline About

Who We Are

Blackline Cold Storage, LLC is a public cold storage warehouse developer and operator owned by Blackline Partners, LLC a private growth oriented company that has developed into an integrated asset development and investment company that today focuses on unique and opportunistic projects leveraging our core strengths and experience.

Blackline is comprised of a highly qualified team of professionals that handle all aspects of asset investment, commercialization, development, project/construction management, operations, compliance and optimization having been industry leaders in the development of industrial assets across several segments within the energy and logistics spaces in North America.

What We Value

Our core values are the cornerstone of our business.

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety, environmental stewardship, ethics, and sustainable development, and remain committed to maintaining a positive presence in the communities where we invest and operate. Blackline employees and contractors hold safety as their utmost priority and conduct work under the highest applicable operational and environmental standards. With a deep understanding of logistics, products and operations, we continually seek to deliver safe, sustainable, high-quality solutions that uphold our core values.

Our Team

Mike Day

Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

Justin Day

Managing Partner

Brad Parker

Chief Financial Officer

Fred Hughs

Vice President Business Development

John Prendergast

Vice President of Sales & Marketing